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Vision, Mission & Core Value (Department of Biochemistry)

Vision: To achieve excellence in teaching and research in Biochemistry and Food Science that would contribute to national

development and international aspirations. Specific goals:

  • Producing graduates with the requisite training in innovative and entrepreneurial skills capable of contributing to national development. 


  • Becoming a hub for high quality research of both local and international relevance


  • Providing needs-driven services in collaboration with industry in response to the socio-economic and biotechnological challenges of the Ghanaian community and beyond

Mission:  To train undergraduate and postgraduate students that can engage in research to advance knowledge as a means of

addressing the needs of the nation.


Core values: 

  • Professionalism - adhering to work ethics and treating all with respect.


  • Excellence - producing outstanding performance in teaching, research and services through hard work, integrity and honesty.


  • Commitment - creating the impetus necessary for national growth through teaching, research and service.


  • Equity - providing fair and level grounds to all to acquire, disseminate and apply knowledge. 


  • Teamwork – bringing together diverse expertise and exploring options and ideas towards a common goal.